RayGuard® in Hotels

 It is our goal to introduce the RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus and the whole range of RayGuard®  products

to the hotel sector. The positive properties of the RayGuard®  products open up new perspectives for the hotelier.


A major plus point is the financing of the RayGuard® products. What are the possibilities for the hotelier to

refinance the products quickly?


By implementing the RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy plus new marketing possibilities open up for the hotelier. He can also promote his hotel with RayGuard® products on the various RayGuard®  platforms.

The Advantages of the RayGuard® Swiss pine energyplus

Why is RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus particularly suitable for the hotelier? RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy plus is a wellness product and serves to improve the room climate by harmonizing negative influences from electrosmog. RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus is primarily based on the positive properties of natural minerals and a housing made of Swiss pinewood.


Using various testing methods, different independent studies have shown that Swiss pine has the property of reducing the heart rate of a person under stress. Also, people who stay or sleep in rooms with Swiss pine are less stressed and more relaxed than those who are not exposed to the influence of pine. The recovery process of the vegetative system is considerably accelerated by the Swiss pine. It regulates functions that we cannot otherwise influence, such as heart activity, blood pressure, distribution of blood flow, depth and frequency of breathing, etc.


If one sleeps in a bed made of Swiss pine or stays in a room that is substantially influenced by Swiss pine, a significantly better quality of sleep and relaxation is measurable. The relaxation phase occurs quickly and the positive effect of a restful sleep can be felt during the day. Also the heart rate is noticeably lower. The average reduction is 3,500 heart beats per day. This corresponds to about an hour of heart activity.


The RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus provides the hotelier with the positive characteristics of the «minerals and Swiss pinewood» in his hotel rooms in simplest way and without major investments and reconstruction measures.


Upgrading the Hotel Rooms

When booking, hotel guests increasingly voice a wish for «Swiss pine». The Swiss pine is not a mass product and is found specifically in the Alps, so it still has a very exclusive character.


With RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus in the hotel rooms, the hotelier has individual configuration options. RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus is portable and extremely flexible regarding its placement.


RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus can be placed permanently in the rooms or booked individually for the room.


Additional Income for the Hotelier

By implementing the internet search terms of «(Swiss) pinewood, electrosmog and harmonization», there is a great chance that the number of bookings of the hotel will increase. In addition, the hotelier has the possibility to sell the RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus in his hotel.


Guests have the opportunity to get to know the RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus during their stay and, if interested, buy and take it home with them.


Integrating RayGuard® in the Booking Process

Possibility 1: The RayGuard® Swiss pine  energy plus is offered separately as an exclusivity. It is not installed in the rooms as standard, but is offered as an option when booking. When booking online, guests decide if they want to have a RayGuard® Swiss pine  energy plus placed in their room – for a certain fee. If the guest afterwards is interested in buying a RayGuard® Swiss pine  energy plus, the extra charge he has paid for the option can be subtracted from the bill.


Possibility 2: The RayGuard® Swiss pine  energy plus is always present in all rooms and guest are explicitly informed about the novelty when booking.


Advantages in Marketing

Completely new marketing perspectives open up with the RayGuard®  Swiss pine energy  plus installed.


The hotelier can for example advertise on all his own platforms with the topic of harmonization of «electrosmog

and pinewood» in his hotel. When properly done, this can potentially lead to more health-conscious guests getting aware of the hotel. New target groups can also be developed and served. The health conscious or environmentally aware guests have an additional criterion for choosing his particular hotel.


Advantages for the Hotelier

The hotelier has the opportunity to stand out from the crowd of competitors by simple means. More and more hotel guests are searching specifically for key words like «electrosmog and Swiss pinewood».


Stone pine rooms, pine beds, pine saunas are all known ways to integrate «Swiss pine» in hotels. Rebuilding usually involves considerable effort and is also quite expensive.


RayGuard®  offers the hotelier the opportunity to introduce harmonization of «electrosmog» by minerals and the positive effect of the «Swiss pine» in his hotel.

  • No reconstruction measures necessary
  • Easily manageable investment
  • Implementation of the internet search term «Swiss pine»

As a result, the hotel will appear on Internet searches for «pinewood / Swiss pine» (with appropriate advertising) and the hotelier has an additional plus point why a guest should choose his hotel.


Important to know about the Swiss pine:

  • Swiss pine is also called “queen of the alps”
  • Swiss pine grows only up in high mountains between 1.300 and 2.900 m of height
  • Thanks to a high level of ingredients you receive the pleasant fragrance which lasts for an important period of time
  • Swiss pinewood contains Pinosylvin. For this substance a toxic effect considering noxious systems like bacteries, fungus has been already proved.


Wellknown effects of Swiss pine:

  • reduction of blood pressure
  • stabilization of the blood circulation
  • relaxing
  • positive well-being
  • assists a restful sleep


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