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RayGuard® Swiss Pine energy plus Set

The RayGuard® Swiss Pine energy plus Set: 

  • is an enhancement for any bedroom or living room
  • is ideal for office, exhibition and meeting rooms.
  • creates a soothing effect in waiting rooms (doctors, therapists, lawyers).
  • has a calming effect on pets (dogs, cats).


Material: Swiss pine wood

Efficiency range: 5 meters

Dimensions: L 190 x W 120 x H 60 mm



1 RayGuard® Swiss pine energy plus

1 RayGuard® Swiss stone pine oil

1 pipette for refilling 


Please note: This is a natural product. Therefore color deviations are possible.

490,00 €

  • 1 - 5 Werktage Lieferzeit / Worlwide: 3 - 4 Weeks Delivery time1

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Important to know about the Swiss pine:

  • Swiss pine is also called “queen of the alps”
  • Swiss pine grows only up in high mountains between 1.300 and 2.900 m of height
  • Thanks to a high level of ingredients you receive the pleasant fragrance which lasts for an important period of time
  • Swiss pinewood contains Pinosylvin. For this substance a toxic effect considering noxious systems like bacteries, fungus has been already proved.


Wellknown effects of Swiss pine:

  • reduction of blood pressure
  • stabilization of the blood circulation
  • relaxing
  • positive well-being
  • assists a restful sleep

Important: The RayGuard® products are not medical products and therefore not intended as therapy for diseases or for treating complaints or discomfort. If you are sick, please consult a physician. Our recommendations and statements are not a substitute for medical advice and treatment.